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Check out our Valentine’s Promotion and More

Check out our Valentine’s Promotion and More, come check us in-store and online. We do offer different promotions in-store and are getting better of doing that online. Here is a weekend coupon for the website that expires Sunday January 26th @ 11:59pm. COUPON CODE “itsfriday”. Apply the coupon at checkout time. Use our Contact Us form to send us feedback. We strive to improve the customer experience. Knowing your happy with us and continue to come back.

20% Off online coupon code: itsfriday @ Coupon valid only online. Expires Jan 26, 2020 11:59pm
“itsfriday” online coupon code

We said “Check out our Valentine’s Promotion and More”, its now time for the MORE! Let’s start by telling you about our Valentine’ promotion going on in-store. That excitement will be happening between February 12 – 14. We will be selling home-made cookies for $5. Every cookie is a winner. Each cookie gives you a give of $5 or more. You can’t lose!

Valentine's Promo - Purchase a $5 home-made cookie and win a prize worth $5 or more
Valentines Promotion

Since you men are here we may as well offer some help other than buying weed for you girl. Check out “What women really think about Valentine’s Day“, although the article is a year old I am pretty sure it still applies. Men, don’t worry. Steak and Blowjob day is only a month away.

Thank you for being a loyal customer.

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