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Indica/Sativa Hybrid THC content is a beautiful 21 – 23%
AK is a cross of AK47 with Lowryder. It is a completely stable automatic strain that retains all of the character of the original photo-period plant.
Auto AK is an indica/sativa hybrid cannabis strain that grows to reach a height of between 40 – 80 cm. If growing indoors you are warned that the smell of this plant is very stinky and you are advised to use carbon-filters where the odor might be a problem. It goes from seed to harvest in 10 weeks; some plants may display some leaf deformities but these are normal for this strain and do not signify any lack of nutrients or other plant health issues. Its buds are quite hard and full of resin crystals. Yields are very good for an automatic strain.
The aroma is typically of over-ripe fruit – think of that heavy, sweet smell of ripe melons. The hit is pure AK with all of its sativa-high qualities remaining intact., giving a pleasant, relaxing body-stone coupled with a more cerebral head high.AK-57 delivers a very strong high. Their high THC content makes them perfect for medical applications in pain.


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