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Kush Bomb

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The parents of Kush Bomb are Southern Cali Kush and Big Bomb. Kush Bomb explodes with citrus and fuel aromas, entangling one’s soul with mighty vibes. The THC levels hit that “today’s weed is too strong” levels. Kush Bomb comprises 20-25% THC, and together with other cannabinoids induces versatile energetic and physical sensations.
Kush Bomb is a high-yielder; growers can expect around 600-700g/m² of dank. This strain can be found in both indoor and outdoor weed operations. Kush Bomb can reach up to 2.5 meters in height, which is definitely a sativa trait. The flowering period lasts around 7-9 weeks. The plants are cropped between the end of September and early October.


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