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Love Potion #1 is a sativa dominant hybrid created by Reeferman Seeds by breeding G13 with a Columbian Gold sativa landrace strain. This skunky, lemon-flavoured sativa has large and incredibly dense lumpy green nugs with firey orange hairs and is coated in clear white trichomes. Upon exhale Love Potion #1 has a refreshing piney and lime flavour. This upbeat bud has a moderate THC level between 18-21% and was named for its ability to stimulate and arose. It is often referred to as “the cure for all your loving needs” due to its ability to provoke the libido and remove all insecurities and inhibitions, making for some really great intoxicated sex.

Love Potion #1 will make your whole body tingle! After just one toke, a stimulating body high will spread from your spine to your fingertips in warm, buzzing waves, calming all your nerves and washing away any lingering tension. This tingly sensation makes Love Potion #1 a great strain for anyone looking for pain relief during the day. Love Potion’s body high can relieve all kinds of aches and pains, both temporary and chronic, while it’s anti-inflammatory properties can take care of irritations like headaches and nausea.

Not in the mood? Love Potion #1 pairs well with all mentally and physically stimulating activities. Toke it before going to the gym to boost your workout, bring it to the beach and enjoy the sun, sand and waves, or take it with you for a fun night out on the town with your pals.


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