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Star Dust

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Stardust is an indica/sativa hybrid. Indica (45%) and Sativa (55%)
Well loved for her white resinous buds and skunky/berry scent, she serves up a tasty treat unlike any other. Sparkling bright like a star in the sky, with a magical taste. Buds packed to brim with white glistening resin appear like stardust, oozing an amazing scent of skunk and berries. Stardust Auto calculatingly potent. In effect, she induces an all round body buzz that burrows upwards to uplift and soothe. Perfect for relaxing after a long day or socializing with friends. In the end Stardust Auto may not be the biggest yielder but she is still a skunky superstar that every cannabis connoisseur should try. Flash Auto Seeds have lovingly created a strain for users to both relax and relish in.


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